Her Ultimate Lover

“…he came in her life
ruined it
taught her a lesson and

If the ‘he’, you are reading this,

I would like to thank you.
For you made her strong.
You made ‘once-soft-as-feather’
into ‘hard-as-stone’ !

I would like to thank you
For ending up all the possibilities of
Her being hurt.
For letting her know that she could
Believe ‘just’ herself.
For killing all the innocence she had
And feelings too.

She is so tough, Now !
But still has wounds you gave her.
Trust me ! I try my best to heal them.
When I do so,
She scratches them again.
She wants to forgive and yet not forget.

Well who am I?
I am her ultimate lover, her companion.
The one who gives her hope that everything will be fine.
I am Time.



Loneliness Amidst Celebration

I have been with people around me since the time I was born. Parents, Siblings, GrandParents , Aunts ,Uncles, Cousins . Be it mourning or an event to celebrate, we all are together.  

Recently , I mean an year ago, me and my sister went to attend her best friend’s wedding. As am interested in photography I took up my camera and went to capture the ceremonies, the cheers, the laughter . Every single place was crowded with relatives and guests.
I went out to get some fresh air. There I clicked this.

Loneliness Amidst Celebration

Loneliness Amidst Celebration

Don’t know why, every single  time I see this, it speaks a different story.

In the midst of celebration,it speaks of the loneliness and somehow relates to the Life.Life We are Living. It shows (to me) the truth of life –
Doesn’t matter how many people you believe you have, somewhere you are alone. And I feel, to enjoy company and celebration to the fullest and value it, one must taste loneliness.
So in someway, Loneliness is not that bad if it teaches you to cherish the things you are surrounded by !

I Saw Us

Today, I saw us.

With white sand and blue waters around,
Near a big tree,
Holding hands,
I saw us.

The smiles as bright as Sun,
The warm hugs,
The lovely kisses,
Walking on the beach,
I saw us.

Yeah, We are apart,
The distance between us,
Is quite large.
But I believe,
My dream will come true,
Soon, I’ll be with you.

On that day,
We’ll be together.
In real…Forever !

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I Saw Us