Loneliness Amidst Celebration

I have been with people around me since the time I was born. Parents, Siblings, GrandParents , Aunts ,Uncles, Cousins . Be it mourning or an event to celebrate, we all are together.  

Recently , I mean an year ago, me and my sister went to attend her best friend’s wedding. As am interested in photography I took up my camera and went to capture the ceremonies, the cheers, the laughter . Every single place was crowded with relatives and guests.
I went out to get some fresh air. There I clicked this.

Loneliness Amidst Celebration

Loneliness Amidst Celebration

Don’t know why, every single  time I see this, it speaks a different story.

In the midst of celebration,it speaks of the loneliness and somehow relates to the Life.Life We are Living. It shows (to me) the truth of life –
Doesn’t matter how many people you believe you have, somewhere you are alone. And I feel, to enjoy company and celebration to the fullest and value it, one must taste loneliness.
So in someway, Loneliness is not that bad if it teaches you to cherish the things you are surrounded by !



  1. Darshith Badiyani · September 29, 2015

    So true! Wo gana hai na, “Khali hath aye the hum, khali hath jayenge” bas in between we can try our best to socialize and try to make this world a better place after we leave than what we were gifted at the birth 🙂 Love the image and keep clicking 😉

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  2. Nimz · September 29, 2015

    From the day I saw this pic from you, this is the desktop wallpaper in my PC.. Like you said each time I look at this, it gives me different stories.. I remember the day you went for that wedding!! 🙂
    Lovely one dear.. A walk through the truth in every life.. After all we are alone somewhere.. 🙂

    Keep on writing and clicking!!
    All love…

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    • iam_rafat · September 29, 2015

      Really? I am honored that my clicked photograph is your wallpaper ❤

      Thanks Nimi ❤
      Loads of Love . 🙂

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