How I Met Her

An year ago (two years, actually), I was reading my NewsFeed on Facebook. And suddenly I couldn’t believe what I saw – ‘a photography magazine giveaway’ . They were shifting to their new office so they couldn’t take old editions with them and hence the giveaway. I could imagine myself surrounded by magazines…old magazines…could imagine the aroma of old pages.
this was taking place 1200 km away from my place. But still I didn’t give up and in the comment area of that post I asked if anybody could post me few magazines, I was ready to pay the charges (Crazy it was, i know). Along with me, there was another insane girl, she lived even farther. Well, no one responded to us (hehe). But she sent me a message and we talked and became friends on Facebook. Well wait ! This was not ‘Her’ .

So, after few weeks I got many notifications, many. All those were about just one person who liked many status posts and photos of mine, and got a friend request too. Well, I didn’t know her so decided not to accept but then we talked in message and Oh God ! It was like we were so old friends who were lost in Kumbh Mela and reunited by Facebook. I accepted the friend request and since then we are friends !
That’s How I Met Her !

To be honest saying just ‘friends’ wouldn’t be enough. She’s my sister from another mother and I love her so much ! I feel I have known her since forever…and Am looking forward to meet her soon.

So it’s her Birthday today !

First of all, Alhamdulillah. Am so blessed to have her. Thanks to Almighty .
Thanks to Aunty for bringing her in this world and giving so beautiful upbringing to her that no one can resist her positive vibes, her caring heart and thus falls in love with her.


My Sweetheart, Nimi !
Thanks for taking birth on earth, that too in India else just imagine what I would have missed then 🙂
Enjoy your special day, the fullest. Eat on my behalf too 🙂
Love you loads ❤

Sana 🙂

Happy B'day,Nimi :)

Happy B’day,Nimi 🙂



Okay. I made these after watching the same movie in my dream! Yeah..I know its weird but am getting dreams of movies that too romantic ones ! To keep my head off the romanticism..I HAD to made these . Hope you will enjoy 🙂

The ugly guy in specs is worried about his ugly face. Raj is a very optimistic person, he motivates him and thus gives hope that he’ll be Handsome on their return from Europe.


But Nothing changes and Raj chooses humor to handle the situation.


During the whole trip Raj gives tips to Simran about perfect physique and Eyebrows. When they reach London, they say bye to each other at the station and Raj takes a promise.


Raj reaches India. STORY.
Kuljeet introduces him to his would-be-bride and his loving sister-in-law.12parmeet-ddlj2


Raj impresses every lady in the house. And they all start to love him. Ahem.eGxhcWNkMTI=_o_dilwaledulhanialejayenge-dvdrip--desicornernet5

But Preeti, She’s madly in love with him in ‘that’ way and tries everything to win him.mandira-bedi3

She even shows her best moves, in dance (of course).



Finally Bauji thinks a lot after hitting Raj so much. He takes off all the jewelries from Simran and gives to Lajjo ji, to allow her (Simran) to run freely, and win the race.Yes ! Bauji has this deep buried dream of winning Olympics, and now he sees potential in his daughter. She runs and runs. And !


The End.

PS- Don’t kill me for this.

Jokes apart,
DDLJ has something which thrills me every time I watch it .. I simply fall in love ❤ and then I smile like a stupid for next 12 hours ❤

My Father’s Slippers

We lived in a joint family, a conventional one, so all I have memories of me and Abbuji ( My father),all the years before I turned 9 , is getting a ride from him till the end of the street and back to home. He would do this every day while going to office. This was the only time we spent together.

And Then! He got promoted and transferred to another city; we all shifted to the new place. And there, I and my elder sister spent more time with him. We had Breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner together and enjoyed his more involvement in our lives. Sometimes he would wait along with Ammiji (My Mother) at the entrance of our home waiting for our bus. I remember how I used to run from bus stop to home, seeing them.

We loved being closer to him. He became a mentor to my sister and brother and a friend to me. Yeah.
Things were going smooth and good.

And one day, I slipped into his slippers.

His slippers were bigger than my feet but I loved wearing them. I would walk unnecessarily; roam in our garden in the afternoon, wearing them. He bought me new pairs of slippers thinking that I didn’t like mine. But I continued wearing his. This,sometimes,annoyed him and sometimes, made him smile.
But I still continued. Well Why?
I was 10. And my little brain told me that if I want to become like him, I need to follow his steps. And to follow his steps,I thought what could be better than his own Slippers.
You know What? That Worked. 🙂

I still wear his slippers though they are not that bigger like earlier. He bought exact pairs like his,for me, few days back but I (hehe) am still wearing his slippers now.

Old habits die hard 😉

PS- Am planning to wear Ammiji’s slipper from now on 😛 (balancing the traits)


PS1- For my last post about him, he yesterday asked me to buy a new phone…soon.

(For this one am looking forward to a new cam.. LOL 😛 )

Be Wise

The best thing that can happen to you is to get a company… a person, with whom you can be just ‘Yourself’ . Well, this ‘best’ thing is followed by a worse thing.. that is ‘being judged’.
I don’t know why but it goes parallel, you are asked to open up and then you’re judged. And on this thing,you have no control. You just can’t stop anyone from judging you. You simply can’t. That’s something our of your control.
But yes, you can control one thing. You can check your first step. You can stop yourself from opening up to ‘wrong’ people. And Hence, you are saved from later regrets.

Now, here I would like to clear that I don’t support being a lonesome person through out. What I want to say is that choose people wisely, just to save yourself from later on consequences.



Last night was tough.
Belief in love was doubted.
A dream was shattered.
A soul died;
And was Reborn


You can say am exaggerating but last night was a tough one for me. After quite long, I put my old insecurities in a box, locked it up, and threw the keys into the Pacific. I wanted to give ‘love’ one more chance. And I ended up regretting it. Though, as always, regrets and mistakes teach me a lot of things about myself as well as the World and its so called modern people.

Okay, the biggest reason I have found till date of being a failure in love was – Being Primitive! That might arise a question how can one be primitive if lives in this era? Here is the answer, from my experience and point of view (of course) –

You are primitive, if you don’t allow yourself or the other person to accept the trend of West. I follow my religion (won’t consider myself religious (in my eyes), but a follower) so things before marriage, beyond limits, even in a virtual way, without any thoughts of future together, is out of my league! Yes, it is. And I have no problem being called as ‘old-fashioned’, ‘backward’. Instead I feel Proud.

And If am talking to you, it doesn’t mean am in a need.
Why the hell would I be in need? I can buy gifts for myself, can go out alone, can order pizza at my own, can pay bills- So I am definitely not in need. And For ‘that’ kind of need, am quite young to be frustrated about such things.
But I do believe in love that’s pure, pious, above worldly things and which starts with the objective to have a new beginning – Marriage.
Yeah…I know it’s complicated. But trust me, that’s what every girl dreams of, though they don’t say it, but they want someone who’d want to grow old with them!

So, enough of frustration. 😀

Well, Isn’t it good to have a bunch of people who give ear to your woes? Well, I have got such bunch of people, who listen to me, ALWAYS, and take care of me , comfort me – A WhatsApp Group made by Nimi (My Lady Love) introduced me to few people who are genuine (quite rare these days) and are always there for me. Thanks a lot  Nimi, Darshith ( My 24×7 Listener), Priya , Sri, Vishnu and Farid. And our new member Nisha .
Love you guys ! 🙂
PS- I didn’t eat anything since morning, mourning about above. LOL. Just had rice and yummy curry made my Ammiji. 😛 and and made a tattoo. Now cool !

My tattoo –

(okay, it’s just a ball pen-made) 😉

Few Things have No point ! Nor do they Change !


So that’s a note on my diary, exactly a month ago I wrote it.
Time changes, so do people.
I still feel like a 60 year old woman ! Who keeps on poking noses..hmm nah..I don’t do that. Talks at her peak..yes!
I have no life–so true !

Few things never change 😀

And few things have no point like this particular post 😀

PS- Handwriting is Good. Isn’t it? 😉

My Super Hero, My First Love !

Have you ever seen someone you love the most ,sleeping? Its so peaceful and beautiful at the same time. Am also looking at him right now. He sleeps like an angry kid, burying his face on the pillow and his arms and feet fighting the bed. He looks so adorable having a sound sleep. I don’t remember I saw him like this before. His busy schedule never allows him to rest. He holds a managerial position in one of the leading PSUs of the country. So he leads a life without ‘relax’, ‘peace’, ‘enjoy’ kind of words. But still he manages to spend a whole day every week managing to put these words with the meanings in his life. Every week he comes home.
But yesterday he was not good still he managed to travel a restless journey of 150 km , to spend a day of love and peace. He had pain in his chest which led to discomfort through out the upper left side of his body and after Magrib, he asked Ammiji to accompany him to casualty. There , doctors attended him,ECG was done, one hour under observation,again ECG and then doctors concluded that its Angina . And he was immediately admitted.
Right now am beside him..Looking at his sleepy, shabby hair, no specs face. People say I look like him and every time This is a compliment for me  🙂  I may look like him, but I can never be like him. He’s the best !
He turned and saw me and with his half opened eyes he asked, “when did you come?” . Though I replied “5 mins ago”.. but I have no idea since how long I was there looking at him. He’s better now and we made jokes on Ammiji and talked about all the irrelevant things hehe! Its so good to laugh on his jokes, my stomach aches and when jokes are to annoy Ammiji.. Ah! Neither can I laugh nor stay quiet . He loves to annoy Ammiji, his second job it is ….And We had fun 😀

So he asked me about my blog, and its so embarrassing to show him 😀 . He wants to read me. So here am putting what I never said directly to him.


Dearest Abbuji,
You are my Super Hero ! And you will always be. I know at some point of life, you will tag me with another stupid but do make sure to make the most annoying jokes on him too 😀 .
And I Miss you. See you tomorrow morning, InshaAllah.
Get well soon. ❤
Kitty Lioness.

PS – I love you ❤


PS1 – Take care of Ammiji (which means NO JOKES oh her, am sure doctors don’t want a battle field) !