Last night was tough.
Belief in love was doubted.
A dream was shattered.
A soul died;
And was Reborn


You can say am exaggerating but last night was a tough one for me. After quite long, I put my old insecurities in a box, locked it up, and threw the keys into the Pacific. I wanted to give ‘love’ one more chance. And I ended up regretting it. Though, as always, regrets and mistakes teach me a lot of things about myself as well as the World and its so called modern people.

Okay, the biggest reason I have found till date of being a failure in love was – Being Primitive! That might arise a question how can one be primitive if lives in this era? Here is the answer, from my experience and point of view (of course) –

You are primitive, if you don’t allow yourself or the other person to accept the trend of West. I follow my religion (won’t consider myself religious (in my eyes), but a follower) so things before marriage, beyond limits, even in a virtual way, without any thoughts of future together, is out of my league! Yes, it is. And I have no problem being called as ‘old-fashioned’, ‘backward’. Instead I feel Proud.

And If am talking to you, it doesn’t mean am in a need.
Why the hell would I be in need? I can buy gifts for myself, can go out alone, can order pizza at my own, can pay bills- So I am definitely not in need. And For ‘that’ kind of need, am quite young to be frustrated about such things.
But I do believe in love that’s pure, pious, above worldly things and which starts with the objective to have a new beginning – Marriage.
Yeah…I know it’s complicated. But trust me, that’s what every girl dreams of, though they don’t say it, but they want someone who’d want to grow old with them!

So, enough of frustration. 😀

Well, Isn’t it good to have a bunch of people who give ear to your woes? Well, I have got such bunch of people, who listen to me, ALWAYS, and take care of me , comfort me – A WhatsApp Group made by Nimi (My Lady Love) introduced me to few people who are genuine (quite rare these days) and are always there for me. Thanks a lot  Nimi, Darshith ( My 24×7 Listener), Priya , Sri, Vishnu and Farid. And our new member Nisha .
Love you guys ! 🙂
PS- I didn’t eat anything since morning, mourning about above. LOL. Just had rice and yummy curry made my Ammiji. 😛 and and made a tattoo. Now cool !

My tattoo –

(okay, it’s just a ball pen-made) 😉



  1. Aaliyah Zahra · October 7, 2015

    Haha I love your tattoo. And you are right about love. I don’t need pitiful glances on being single. I am glad alhumdulillah by myself and yeah I do dream of that marriage too 😛 #browngirldream #muslimgirldream

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nimz · October 7, 2015

    Welcome back my reborn baby.. Now roll up your sleeves and give me that smile.. That smile which comes from the bottom of your heart.. 🙂 I need it.. and yeah m waiting for it.. ❤

    Sana.. You are not like everyone else.. you are special and unique.. You know that.. Ryt??
    And that's why I love every feelings running through your mind.. 🙂 And don't regret dear.. You gonna get the prince from Jannah.. (A lil exaggerated!! 😛 )

    I am not being formal.. but glad to see you are happy with our group.. Super happy I think!! 🙂
    Stay blessed dear…
    All love..
    Nimi 🙂 (Your Lady Love) ❤
    Huggs and Kisses… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Miss Book Thief · October 11, 2015

    Love the tattoo, hehe. And, the poem. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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