Every time,You and I !

Every time you take my name in the middle of conversation, whole world stops for me. All I see and feel is you, taking my name. I feel I was given this name just to be called by you.
Every time you say you miss me, my heart skips a beat.

Trust me, I never felt so much missed . I feel proud. I feel lucky. I feel like running to you and hug you so tight and be in your arms beyond time. And forget everything but you.

I imagine how it would be to see you for the first time, would I run to you and hug you Or I would just stop . Look . And become dumb.

I imagine would you come to me? And take me in your arms?
Or even you’d stop and look at me from a  distance .


PS-I look forward to the day, when this imagination would come true 😛


…Because You Deserve To Be

Dear Me,
Its really okay. You were strong. And You Are, still !
But that thing went beyond your capabilities, your tolerance, your resistance.
It was the right time to stop it.
Right time to – Stop being so nice, Stop being too kind, Stop being so trusting, Stop being so stupid, Stop being so after Love…

Be grateful to Almighty that He brought such situation to make you realize that people around are not always good. Take it as a lesson,baby.

You are lucky, you have people who care about you. Love them. Cherish them.
I know you suffered a lot …but still I advice you to Forgive.
Forgive – so that you can live.
And Live the life as it demands to be lived !

You don’t need any man to know your value. Nor to take care of you.
You are capable enough to take care of yourself.
Ambitious and Smart enough to pursue your dreams.

I know, you are way too strong and it is THE time to move on !

Go out. Take out your Camera. Laugh loud. Drive long. Meet new people. Call friends. Take selfies.

In short , Be the ‘old’ updated version of you.
Smile truly and Be Happy … Because You Deserve To Be !




Parents? Not My Responsibility !-Really?

Few days back, I came across a post on a social media platform which compelled me to think – Why?
Why two people
who brought us to the world
-who cried out of joy when we cried the moment we came to this world
-who spent sleepless night while taking care of us when we cried without any reason
-who answered our stupid repetitive questions with all kind interest
-who were holding our hand when we took our stumbling first step
-who were excited about our first day at school while we were crying
-who spent hours shopping about the little dresses for our fancy dress competition
-who sacrificed their resting hours for our sudden project submissions
-who were worried about our grades more than us
-who knew that our toy cars would break soon but still bought for us
-who knew that though we are kids but still they cared about our sentiments
-who taught us the values of life
-who sent us to high schools, to colleges
-who supported us whenever be broke down and  gave us hope
-who treated us equally and were never biased
-who never differentiated between their daughter and son
Are left at old age homes or many times in their own homes all alone to spend their rest of the lives without us? Without their busy schedule they had, when we were with them? And…Without Love?

When I see around, I see many parents who are old and need to be dependent on their kids, not just physically but emotionally. But I see them Alone. Because their Sons and Daughters are married or moved to some other place . The Son cant keep them, because the Daughter in law wouldn’t like the presence of old creatures but Yes! she would cry her heart for her own parents.The Daughter would express helplessness because she’s married woman now ! (majority cases am talking about)

When I see around I see people blaming the ‘sons’ for leaving their parents alone at this point of life. I too get furious !

But then I think…the great parents do everything (lot more than what’s mentioned above) for their kids, irrespective of their children’s gender. Their love, for their kids, is equal, be it son or daughter.
Then WHY? Why and How parents are responsibility of Sons ONLY?

Women want equality in everything. They want to be no where lesser than men, they Why…Why Women lag behind taking care of their parents after getting married?
Are they no more daughters to their parents?
Or Is our society so sick that it wouldn’t let a daughter take care of her parents?  Well,Somewhere, it is !
But Almighty has created Women so strong that they can definitely do anything in this world Then – Why not go for breaking the stereotype that –
‘Taking care of These Two Personalities (without whom, we wouldn’t be anything or would be just a thing) is the responsibility of the Sons Only’ ?

Go Ahead, Women ! 🙂 Nothing is Impossible !

PS- If we can babysit a grownup man 😛 and can take care of his parents, relatives so well … Then C’mon, We can definitely do the same for our parents 🙂


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May Be

‘There are certain days, hours,seconds… When I miss you so much that it becomes hard to do anything else but to sit and hear your audios ,look at your stupid photograph and cherish the moments we spent in each others arms’

You’re busy I understand but I don’t want to understand. I am very matured , as others say, but you think am the most immature thing ever landed on earth,which I like.

That’s because I don’t use my brains when am with you. And That’s may be because I have trust on you.

I feel uncomfortable that
May be its going too fast
And sometimes,
it’s too much on off.

I don’t know what it is
May be am falling for you
Head on heels… !

That Phone Call

Phone vibrates
She hears him
So late.

He speaks
He shares
He cares

And She …listens
And listens.

He talks
And beneath his words
She searches for his

But she can’t find
The thing she searches the most,always,-

He is drunk
He is tired
But spends an hour
To be with her

His words she wants to believe
His care she needs
But more than anything
The love , that’s what for ,she lives!

After An hour and half
He is half asleep
She has shoo
Away her sleep

He says something
She longed for
‘Baby, I love you’
Makes her heart pour.