Parents? Not My Responsibility !-Really?

Few days back, I came across a post on a social media platform which compelled me to think – Why?
Why two people
who brought us to the world
-who cried out of joy when we cried the moment we came to this world
-who spent sleepless night while taking care of us when we cried without any reason
-who answered our stupid repetitive questions with all kind interest
-who were holding our hand when we took our stumbling first step
-who were excited about our first day at school while we were crying
-who spent hours shopping about the little dresses for our fancy dress competition
-who sacrificed their resting hours for our sudden project submissions
-who were worried about our grades more than us
-who knew that our toy cars would break soon but still bought for us
-who knew that though we are kids but still they cared about our sentiments
-who taught us the values of life
-who sent us to high schools, to colleges
-who supported us whenever be broke down and  gave us hope
-who treated us equally and were never biased
-who never differentiated between their daughter and son
Are left at old age homes or many times in their own homes all alone to spend their rest of the lives without us? Without their busy schedule they had, when we were with them? And…Without Love?

When I see around, I see many parents who are old and need to be dependent on their kids, not just physically but emotionally. But I see them Alone. Because their Sons and Daughters are married or moved to some other place . The Son cant keep them, because the Daughter in law wouldn’t like the presence of old creatures but Yes! she would cry her heart for her own parents.The Daughter would express helplessness because she’s married woman now ! (majority cases am talking about)

When I see around I see people blaming the ‘sons’ for leaving their parents alone at this point of life. I too get furious !

But then I think…the great parents do everything (lot more than what’s mentioned above) for their kids, irrespective of their children’s gender. Their love, for their kids, is equal, be it son or daughter.
Then WHY? Why and How parents are responsibility of Sons ONLY?

Women want equality in everything. They want to be no where lesser than men, they Why…Why Women lag behind taking care of their parents after getting married?
Are they no more daughters to their parents?
Or Is our society so sick that it wouldn’t let a daughter take care of her parents?  Well,Somewhere, it is !
But Almighty has created Women so strong that they can definitely do anything in this world Then – Why not go for breaking the stereotype that –
‘Taking care of These Two Personalities (without whom, we wouldn’t be anything or would be just a thing) is the responsibility of the Sons Only’ ?

Go Ahead, Women ! 🙂 Nothing is Impossible !

PS- If we can babysit a grownup man 😛 and can take care of his parents, relatives so well … Then C’mon, We can definitely do the same for our parents 🙂


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  1. Darshith Badiyani · November 17, 2015

    Like button nahi dikha raha 😀 may be slow internet 😉

    I think I have an answer for your question because I have given the exact amount of importance and thought to what you’re asking here.
    According to me, parents see hope in their kids and hence nurture them & do everything and anything for them. The kids will grow so that’s hope. But these grown up kids see their old parents as responsibilities. There’s no hope (or less hope) because they don’t grow but they become slow and hence the difference in attitude.
    Hope people understand this and try to give equal importance as they were given when they were kids 🙂
    Goodnight love ❤

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    • iam_rafat · November 18, 2015

      You opened a new window of thoughts for me ….

      May be you’re right…

      But in case of daughters, I think, totally different reasons are there…

      Liked by 2 people

      • Darshith Badiyani · November 18, 2015

        In case of daughters? I didn’t get you. I think the same perspective applies but yeah may be with a hint of modification 🙂 still you can share your thoughts 😉

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      • iam_rafat · November 18, 2015

        Yeah the modifications 😉

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  2. Amit · November 18, 2015

    amazingly written. But sadly its one of those stupid inherent traits of our culture, that when a woman marries, she leaves her home and now her duties belongs to her husband and his family. Sounds pretty sick when I think of it.

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    • iam_rafat · November 18, 2015

      True it is !

      But I hope someday … Women will be allowed, encouraged and believed that they are strong enough to take care of their new family and their Parents, both 🙂


  3. Prateek Bhawal · November 18, 2015

    Very nicely written Rafat…😊
    Although there are many aspects behind the issue of leaving one’s parents on their own, irrespective of the gender. But what you’ve written here according to your perspective is quite true. Still I believe that we (our well informed & thoughtful generation) should come up with a practical solution to this problem. I hope a “What to do” kind of inspirational & exemplary guidebook written by you will be a Best Seller among such kids. It should cover all the aspects of various kids and their parent’s life… including their lifestyle, communication gap, priorities, behaviour, expectations, raising history of the kid, their parenting attributes, social impact, & many such aspects of life that contribute in one’s psycological mindset & social behaviour. I wish you do a through research on this issue & write a book containing solutions for every kind of kid on “How to raise your Old parents”… Wish you All the Best with that 😉

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    • iam_rafat · November 18, 2015

      Well… Thanks for your valuable comment Prateek !

      And your suggestion about writing a book (if not sarcasm) can be helpful to people who are looking for serious topic to raise among individuals through their words !

      Thanks a ton , again ! 🙂


  4. Nimz · November 19, 2015

    Loved this one Sana.. 🙂
    You said it right.. 🙂

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