Being intimate is not just about being physical.

For me , intimacy is to express my feelings , talk about my stupidest dream, not trying to be strong anymore, to depend on someone, speak about my flaws, confess and share my fears !

And above all, intimacy is to share my soul.

I know people find my theories quite old fashioned…
But this is Me.
This is what I have believed till now  and will continue to do so.




After many years
Without thinking
Without asking
Without worrying
She went out

Danced in rains
Jumped into puddles
Cried at her fullest
Called her own name
At the her peak

Forests witnessed her woes,
And Rains … healed her wounds !


Hope We Never Meet Again – Review

Okay…so finally I read my first ever thriller novel. Well I took one whole day to convince myself to read it because am a ‘romance’ fan 😀 but as it was my very dear Friend’s first novel so I had to go for it ! 🙂

‘Hope We Never Meet Again’ … The title itself is optimistic about something negative ! It attracted me since the time I got to know that Sri is working on this novel.

So I started it about 11pm andddd next day around 10 pm I finished it ! Was busy but still couldn’t resist it once I stared !

Varun, Ritu,Unnikuttan,Meena And few more (better find the other characters , yourself ) , All of them have a different story…they all lead a different life…but The way Destiny has connected them is incredibly described by the author.

The stories of all the characters are like the layers of fruits and custard in a fruit trifle. Connected, layer above layer yet still separated !

It was a nice read. Perfect twists with perfect timing and Yeah , romance too!

What are you waiting for?
Go, grab a copy of ‘Hope We Never Meet Again’  by Srinath Krishnamoorthy 🙂


Sri 🙂