So Today, my mother and one aunty from our neighborhood were talking at the door of our house.

They the aunty was invited inside.
And then again talking about her kid who is of my brother’s age and etc etc …
We were cherishing the memories when my brother and her son used to wear half pants and run across the street.
My mother and she talked , ate snacks together in the same drawing room amidst laughter and smiles.

My mother is a Muslim and the Aunty is a Hindu.

This might sound ‘what-the-hell‘ to few people , especially who think they are the best follower of Islam.
And few people who know, actually know, what Islam is, wouldn’t be surprised reading this 🙂

Be kind to your neighbors !



  1. Darshith Badiyani · January 4, 2016

    I agree 🙂 Religion is just a veil. Unveil it and enjoy the unending beauty ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. iam_rafat · January 17, 2016

    Yeah 🙂


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