You know?

You know what scares the most?

The person whom you call your reflection, will be no more with you !

The person whom you trusted would betray you !

The person whom you longed for, would leave you !

The person with whom you had all the fun, wouldn’t remember you !

The person whom you missed would forget you !


The person whom you loved would hate you !



Not Anymore Yours

It’s not easy to absorb the pain !

It never is .

You said we never met then how can I be so much in love with you. At that moment , I questioned myself, is meeting so important? May be for you, it is.
But for me, the bond we shared, those cute , pure, pious moments we lived were everything I could ask for.

But I realised few more things, which if I would have realised earlier I could have saved myself from this isolated room on the seventh floor of this building which everyone calls as a hospital.
Yes, I could.

I remember how I begged you , in disguise of smiles , requests and fights, to stay .
I remember how I was treated so rudely, at the time when these doctors told me to be calm and asked my family to shower all the love.
Now I realise, how could you be kind and shower love on me? You were not family, right?
Your called me desperate . Literally behaved rude . Told me we are over and that you’re gone , trust me I wish you could look into my eyes when you said so, you wouldn’t believe it was me – the always ‘chirpy-talkitive-making others smile-lively’ girl.

You left me the when I needed you the most .
Yes, the most.
And the worst part is – I have no idea what went wrong between us !

I believe in forgiving . So I forgive you . As many other times I did.
But I will not forget.
I will cherish the good moments .
I wish you find the love and be loved back. That’s the most beautiful thing.

One day, we will meet.
I promise.
And on that day
You’d see
How these eyes
Which once had
Oceans of love for you
Are all dried up !

Once crazily in love with you
Not anymore yours ,

The Date

I want a date different than those conventional dinner at five star restaurants. I want a long walk under the pouring sky. I want to spend evening clicking the sunset and city lights. I want to sleep watching Disney movies in the cozy sofa with lots of pillows and blanket and of course potato chips, cookies and coffee.
Well, Not your idea of date?
It was nice meeting you,
Okay,Bye !



The Soulmate

I often wonder how I’d get to know if I meet my soul mate. I have read many definitions about it which differ from each other. May be some are written out of experience and some out of imagination. After reading and understanding all the texts I have read till now about the same, I understood one thing ,upon which my mind and heart both agreed happily. I learnt that ‘a soul mate is the person who inspires you in every way, and also inspires you to write about ‘The Soulmate’.


~Because I Love Them~

Yes, This is ME !

Yes, I keep Jane Austen in my bag, but love to read Nicholas
Sparks. I forget my coffee when I start reading.
I am believed to be a strong headed girl, but I love to be stupid. I love rains. I love ghupchup. I know when to be mature and when to be a kid. I love to make people smile.
With my family and friends,I am Insane.
With people, am a highly confident girl,career-oriented and practical …But somewhere, I want to have a love story like my favorite book.



That One Moment

“I have really no idea how it feels like to receive a gift from a guy? I mean I have never got any. You can laugh, okay? Because I know its kinda funny. My whole school and college education was co-ed . Hundreds of guys but yet not a single gift nor even a flower. Leave that, not even a single glance of appreciation. So you can now imagine why I never went on any date or coffee or a long drive with any guy, because I was never asked. I just never had anyone And God knows how it is like to cry knowing someone would wipe your tears. I mean I have cried , like for weeks umm months , actually years, to bed every night and yet I had no one to call up and talk, someone to wipe off my tears and tell me ‘am there for you’.
I have been told that I look good by people I know, but you know why I chose this all the time ‘spectacled-messy hair-tee with denims-sport sandals’ look?
Because through this I reason myself that I look horrible and hence ignored ! Atleast I have a reason for being left all alone while my friends are tying the knots !
Gosh, I wonder if I’d ever be loved ? Ha-Ha see how optimistic I am. I know am not gonna be loved ever but still questioning. Leave love, am not even going to have that one glance of admiration, that one second of feeling special that I too exist, for someone …. That one moment of magic .
Argghh ! This is the thing I hate about myself , I mean how could I talk so much, that too with myself all alone sitting here near you. Am scratching your bruises I know, you too are alone , aren’t you? I wish you could talk, atleast talk through tides, idiot” , she stopped and looked as far as she could, sun was setting and was leaving a beautiful reflection in the sea. Unaware of everything , she admired how the sun bid bye and left its reflection ,not letting the sea to be alone, with a promise to come back again, tomorrow !

Sea isn’t alone , nor you” , he closed his book and looked straight into her eyes.

She Turned .
She Smiled .
That one moment, arrived !


Liebster Award

For the first time I have been nominated for the Liebster Award ( any kind of award , tbh) .
A big JazakAllah to reflectionsofataalibah.wordpress. com
Sorry , for the delay Sisi 🙂
Here are my answers to your questions –

1.Favourite Surah?
Surah Ikhlaas.

2.If you had one wish, what would it be?
*For this World – Basic needs for everyone – Food, Clothing, Shelter and Education along with World Peace !
*For Hereafter – May we all be united with our families in Jannah 🙂

3.Greatest accomplishment?
Not yet ( few, but not great enough to mention)

4.Most popular blog post?
That Someone
Not so popular though 😝

5.If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
In my fully furnished tree house , in a forest, where all the wild animals become my friends ( that is , a peaceful place close to nature )

6.Furthest you’ve ever traveled?
Just to the national capital till now 😑

7.Favourite colour?
All the colors nature has 🙂

8.If you could choose one pet, what would it be?
I don’t know, never thought of it .
To be honest am scared to have a pet, what if am not able to fulfill its needs and on That day, I’d be questioned 😑

9.What’s something you’ve always wanted to do?
Travel across the globe !

10.Who’s your role model?
My Mother

11.What’s one thing you’d change about the world?
Greed ! ( I wish I could, that’s the reason for many brutal events happening in the world )

That Someone

I wish I had someone to talk ,
Someone who’d be interested to know how my day was,
Someone who’d get worried when am not messaging for more than an hour,
Someone who’d let me jump the puddles in public without getting embarrassed,
Someone who’d spoil me more than my father,
Someone who’d know that am responsible and mature but would let me be the kid am inside,
Someone who’d hold me,
Someone on whom I can count on,
Someone who’d be rich enough to fill my life with love,
Someone with whom … I can be Me !