What’s the Real Kashmir ?

​I wonder what makes Kashmiris and Kashmir different from rest of the nation?

Why it’s beautiful, serene yet not peaceful ?

Why being Indian, they don’t like Army?

And still few people join Army?

Why the stories that reach us are one sided ?

If it’s true ,what media shows, then why did this ever happen? 

Because nation forgot them when they needed us? Or were they given extra importance when it was not all required? 
Why can’t Jammu and Kashmir be a normal state – Normal people, Living in peace?

Or may be they are , it’s just that we don’t know !
Everyday there is something about Kashmir , be it politics , army, people, girls or natural disasters. 

We see what is portrayed . We read what is served to us and we believe what is shown . And all that is only one side of the story, I believe.
I have friends from different states, have met them (few more to go) , talked to them but I never had any friend from Kashmir. I want to know what media doesn’t show. And that’s possible only when a Kashmiri, unbiased, neutral – tells ! 

And then someday, inshaAllah, will visit there. Not just Leh – Ladakh but the real J & K 🙂



  1. spluskk · August 3, 2016

    What makes Kashmir different? Its true that we’re different, due to mid eastern influence& mass immigration of people from different parts of Asia…kashmir has never been a part of india,, our borders meet with the borders of afghanistan, china & pakistan
    What doesnt media show you?
    Indian army is here in masses, you’ll get to see bunkers& camps in every part of the city, we dont like it when a non kashmiri asks us to show h our ID, that we’re kashmiris.
    In 1990 & ever since, military is given a psychological training also, they know kashmiris want freedom from india, they’re trained to be skeptical about us, they are not here to protects us, they’re here to hunt militants…. Indian army has literally mutiliated kashmiris in PAPA2, RED 16& many other torture camps, some were militants, some were sympathizers. Read ”curfewed night’ by Basharat peer

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    • iam_rafat · August 3, 2016

      Freedom from India ?


      • spluskk · August 3, 2016

        Yes ma’am, cuz we didnt acceed to india like any other princely state, don’t go by the words, read the history& literature, go in details

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      • iam_rafat · August 3, 2016

        I will surely look for more details.
        Thanks .

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      • spluskk · August 3, 2016


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  2. Volkanux · December 16, 2016

    Nice piece of work…
    Got into details of ur mind

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