To The Teachers 

​To those who taught us to be kind and patient (our kindergarten angels).

To those who treated us same, not as a girl or a boy (our primary school).

To those who taught nature has changes saved in her closet for us (our middle school).

To those who taught , life changes with time and is impartial and tough (our high school).

To those competitive exams that taught – three hours can’t but Will evaluate your intelligence.

To those neighbors who taught – Don’t poke your noses, it’s irritating.

To those professors who taught – Don’t judge a book with its cover (it might be good inside, foul outside and vice versa ).

To those classmates who taught – first impression is not the last and strangers could become friends.

To those HRs who taught – good going things can ‘not – always’ have a good result (interviews).

To those colleagues who taught – liking someone is a matter of Choice and necessity (few times).

To those auto drivers who taught – saying ‘No’ is your Right and one must use it. And To accept ‘No’ as an answer.

To those Ola Share and Uber Pool that taught – to be on time – leave for the destination, ages ago and Yes, also taught cooperation and adjustment, of course.

To Life, To heartbreaks , To those shitty people, To those false acclamations of feelings, To those quietly screaming nights, To depression and To FAILURE.

To Friends, who taught – Insanity is good for health.

To Siblings, who taught – You are never alone in anything.

To Parents, who taught – No matter what you do, where you go, You always have a home to come back, arms to embrace you at your weakest and smiles to cheer you up at your worst. There is a world, where selfishness is not even in the dictionary, where your happiness is the only objective and Love is showered throughout, without hidden intentions. A Place exists in this universe where you can be ‘You’.

Happy Teachers’ Day !


I know kinda late … But it’s okay. Right?