My Answer 

This person is facing issues from his family regarding his entrepreneural pursuit. And he’s unable to  a handle it anymore. Following  is my answer to him –

Please in your mind before I proceed –

1. Parents ARE supportive.

2. They love you .

Now regarding your issue – They are are not supporting you in this because they are scared what if it goes wrong and you fail and have nothing in hand. 

They want to support you but because of this fear they are not Able to. 

And hence Indian parents are so happy with 9-5 job. Because this gives their child the security , financial security, this saves their child from the stress.

My suggestion on what you can do to make your situation better – 

Have an evening tea with them , of course serve soemthing snacks. Talk about good times and memories. Make their mood good.

And then, calmly, tell them what you doing, what is your idea, how far have you worked , Tell about how people are receiving it, tell how others have responded to your work and then it’s future. And at last , tell them how passionate you’re about it .Tell them that you may fail, may be, but you’re making sure you won’t but still if you fail, atleast you won’t have regret for the rest of your life. 

Let’s face it, our parents are not updated with the changes in the world. And it’s obvious to be scared of something unknown . 

Talk to them. Family support , no matter what others say,is really important. 

Hope this helps ! 

All the best.


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