What India Lost in Exchange of Freedom

A few days ago, while going to office I read something dedicated to our soldiers, written on the walls. I always get emotional reading anything about them. And since one of my best friends has joined the army, I have become more sensitive.
Later that day, I was reading about Ashfaqulla Khan (one of the perks of my job is I can read as much as I want), and couldn’t stop myself and had to go to the restroom.

Few things I would like to highlight –

  • Freedom came at a huge price, paid by many parents, spouses and children.
  • The ‘backward’ Indians were better than so-called modern and progressive mushrooms these days.
  • They followed their religion and still respected each other. I wonder how is that even possible? Maybe they actually read the texts and didn’t listen to illiterate and fake religious leaders.
  • And as they knew what actually their religion said, they never had a problem sacrificing their lives for their country.
  • They respected women.
  • They valued animals too, but a little lesser than human lives.
  • They knew what friendship was and how it was not based solely on sharing the same religion. Really.


Yes, we have achieved a lot but I wonder would our great freedom fighters, soldiers who sacrificed their lives protecting us, and a lot more who died doing good things for our country – be proud to see what their country has become?
I guess we all know the answer.


( PS- Birth Anniversary of Ashfaqullah Khan is on 22 October and hence I got to read about him and few more freedom fighters. I don’t need to clarify but few will connect his name and mine saying bs. Khair, Take care )






How I Met Her

An year ago (two years, actually), I was reading my NewsFeed on Facebook. And suddenly I couldn’t believe what I saw – ‘a photography magazine giveaway’ . They were shifting to their new office so they couldn’t take old editions with them and hence the giveaway. I could imagine myself surrounded by magazines…old magazines…could imagine the aroma of old pages.
this was taking place 1200 km away from my place. But still I didn’t give up and in the comment area of that post I asked if anybody could post me few magazines, I was ready to pay the charges (Crazy it was, i know). Along with me, there was another insane girl, she lived even farther. Well, no one responded to us (hehe). But she sent me a message and we talked and became friends on Facebook. Well wait ! This was not ‘Her’ .

So, after few weeks I got many notifications, many. All those were about just one person who liked many status posts and photos of mine, and got a friend request too. Well, I didn’t know her so decided not to accept but then we talked in message and Oh God ! It was like we were so old friends who were lost in Kumbh Mela and reunited by Facebook. I accepted the friend request and since then we are friends !
That’s How I Met Her !

To be honest saying just ‘friends’ wouldn’t be enough. She’s my sister from another mother and I love her so much ! I feel I have known her since forever…and Am looking forward to meet her soon.

So it’s her Birthday today !

First of all, Alhamdulillah. Am so blessed to have her. Thanks to Almighty .
Thanks to Aunty for bringing her in this world and giving so beautiful upbringing to her that no one can resist her positive vibes, her caring heart and thus falls in love with her.


My Sweetheart, Nimi !
Thanks for taking birth on earth, that too in India else just imagine what I would have missed then 🙂
Enjoy your special day, the fullest. Eat on my behalf too 🙂
Love you loads ❤

Sana 🙂

Happy B'day,Nimi :)

Happy B’day,Nimi 🙂