Being Bullied ?

If you were bullied in school, college or even in office. Stand for it. Stand for yourself. Nobody’s going to help you unless you help yourself. 

Share it with your people, your parents . Speak about it. Don’t sit in a corner and cry thinking you’re not good enough or nothing good can happen to you or you’re such a loser or the worst of all that you deserve to be treated like this.
Trust me, nobody deserves such treatment. Nobody. You deserve to be treated with respect, love and care. 
And shall I tell you something which would cheer you up? This bully thing will make you stronger . You’ll work hard on yourself and you’ll reach the stars. And your bullies, they will get what they did. But you, you’ll grow like a tree , strong and rooted and unstoppable. 
And in life, you WILL meet people who would love you for what you’re. 

But for all this beautiful things to happen, you need to start valuing yourself, you need to love yourself first and believe in yourself. 

Good things will happen . InshaAllah
( I know few people who have gone through this and I see them shining so bright )

‘You become what you think’.
Love 😘 .


Struggle is Real 

​It’s looks perfect. You feel proud of yourself . You think , ” wow I can do it, it’s not rocket science”.

Then you go ahead and apply the same on the second one, and it is a disaster. 

To compensate, you go back to the first one and try to make it look like the second and then ‘that’ becomes a disaster. Again back to second and then so on. 

And then you curse every person who suggested, convinced and even compelled you to do it.
Eyeliner. Struggle is real.

(In frame – Me)

What’s your Calling?

This morning a friend of mine came to my room.

I was talking to my Mamujaan on phone. So she chose to read my wall, the physical wall. I write on walls the things and words I like and get inspired by. So she came upon this word – Calling. 

What’s your calling ? Whoa, this question is the most contenting yet dangerous question. 

When you dig deep, think like hell, talk to yourself and experiment almost everything – then you get to know the answer. And after knowing what is your calling , it’s very difficult and terrible when you’re not able to pursue it. And sometimes, you go for it leaving everything behind . 

I have a friend who is so close to me and the level of trust I have on him is immense . We know each other since I was 9. He went on the expedition to find what’s his calling. And when he found out, he had no option but to pursue it. Few people are courageous like him but his calling was something which I always liked for others but never wanted for him . But that unsaid rule friendship left me with no option but to support him.

I still cry thinking about the choice he made. But when I see him happy , so happy about it – all the sadness and regret goes away. And I feel prouder that yeah, he has the courage to do what he wants from life.
Be courageous. Look , find, search for your calling. And be brave and passionate enough to accept and pursue it ! 

Money you’d make, sooner or later. But enjoying and loving what you doing- is Beautiful and adds tonnes to your Happiness ( The ultimate goal ).
*Smile and Enjoy the Sunday* 

*Oops , Monday tomorrow,  Now freak out you guys* 

Jamaal Nani – Epitome of Love, Strength and Positivity

So today I couldn’t start my day with my Ammiji’s voice . And then got so busy at office that couldn’t call her . Around 8 , I called when I was waiting for the cab. As always she was so energetic, we talked about everything then I told her that after taking the cab, I’ll call her again .

10-15 mins later
I called.
She answered with full energy and told Jamaal Nani has come . I asked how’s she and say my salaam and ask if she misses me or not?
My Ammiji was asking and then Nani took the phone and asked how am I ? I didn’t ask her about her health . Just asked how she’s doing and does she miss me? To which she said for that she needs to forget me first 🙂
She asked “are you happy?because that the most important thing .” And then after giving blessings gave the phone to Ammiji.

Jamaal Nani is our neighbour . She lives three houses away from us. She’s very old, I don’t know her exact age but she had all white hair and she can’t walk with her back straight, she’s bit bent.
But if you want to see epitome of wife’s love – she’s the example. Being so old, she’s takes care of her much older husband , the same way she used to take care when they were young .
Everyone in our street tease her sometimes because of this and she blushes 🙂

And if you noticed , I wrote she ‘had’ white hair, because now she has none. She has Cancer. And she’s fighting it . And you’ll never see her sad or cursing that why she got this. I have always seen her praying, and being there for people in the times of sadness and happiness.

She used to come to our house every day and I used to tease her , and sometimes would talk as if am old like her and sometimes would talk as she’s young as me .

It feels so good to know such Great personalities. May Allah SWT make it easier for her 🙂