What India Lost in Exchange of Freedom

A few days ago, while going to office I read something dedicated to our soldiers, written on the walls. I always get emotional reading anything about them. And since one of my best friends has joined the army, I have become more sensitive.
Later that day, I was reading about Ashfaqulla Khan (one of the perks of my job is I can read as much as I want), and couldn’t stop myself and had to go to the restroom.

Few things I would like to highlight –

  • Freedom came at a huge price, paid by many parents, spouses and children.
  • The ‘backward’ Indians were better than so-called modern and progressive mushrooms these days.
  • They followed their religion and still respected each other. I wonder how is that even possible? Maybe they actually read the texts and didn’t listen to illiterate and fake religious leaders.
  • And as they knew what actually their religion said, they never had a problem sacrificing their lives for their country.
  • They respected women.
  • They valued animals too, but a little lesser than human lives.
  • They knew what friendship was and how it was not based solely on sharing the same religion. Really.


Yes, we have achieved a lot but I wonder would our great freedom fighters, soldiers who sacrificed their lives protecting us, and a lot more who died doing good things for our country – be proud to see what their country has become?
I guess we all know the answer.


( PS- Birth Anniversary of Ashfaqullah Khan is on 22 October and hence I got to read about him and few more freedom fighters. I don’t need to clarify but few will connect his name and mine saying bs. Khair, Take care )