Beauty and The Stupids

​Recently, I had a talk with a stranger about beauty , don’t ask me how it came up.

So, I told her that there is this girl whom I see everyday while going to office and she looks so beautiful. The innocence on her face is so rare and makes me look at her atleast once when I take my cab. 

So the stranger said “Sounds interesting. That’s a rare combination. And if you praise her so much , I have contacts who are into modelling business. Such beauty should be seen by the world.Do share her contact number.By the way How old that girls is?” 

I said that she must be around 16-17.

This made the curiosity insect bit her and she asked “what a girl of such age does at the road everyday?” 

I said she’s there with her mother . And the insect bit her more this time , she got more curious and asked what the mother and the daughter do on the road ?

I answered that they are fruit sellers and must say they are so kind and humble . ”

She said “Oh. I need to get down. Bye”
I have never seen such a sudden change of interest and expression ever. 
Isn’t it great that we have defined already that a person of certain community or job or a race or complexion or financial status has to look in a certain way? 

I must say, ‘We’ are the best creation of Almighty – so intelligent and kind and understanding and impartial and unbiased and what not . Feel proud 🙂


I want my Man

I am tired 

Really tired

I don’t want to be strong anymore 

Fcuk ‘women don’t need men’

Because we do

And that would be a lie 

If we say we don’t 

We need a companion 

A company 

A shoulder to lean on when at peace

And to cry when upset 

Fcuk everything

I want my Man !

What’s your Calling?

This morning a friend of mine came to my room.

I was talking to my Mamujaan on phone. So she chose to read my wall, the physical wall. I write on walls the things and words I like and get inspired by. So she came upon this word – Calling. 

What’s your calling ? Whoa, this question is the most contenting yet dangerous question. 

When you dig deep, think like hell, talk to yourself and experiment almost everything – then you get to know the answer. And after knowing what is your calling , it’s very difficult and terrible when you’re not able to pursue it. And sometimes, you go for it leaving everything behind . 

I have a friend who is so close to me and the level of trust I have on him is immense . We know each other since I was 9. He went on the expedition to find what’s his calling. And when he found out, he had no option but to pursue it. Few people are courageous like him but his calling was something which I always liked for others but never wanted for him . But that unsaid rule friendship left me with no option but to support him.

I still cry thinking about the choice he made. But when I see him happy , so happy about it – all the sadness and regret goes away. And I feel prouder that yeah, he has the courage to do what he wants from life.
Be courageous. Look , find, search for your calling. And be brave and passionate enough to accept and pursue it ! 

Money you’d make, sooner or later. But enjoying and loving what you doing- is Beautiful and adds tonnes to your Happiness ( The ultimate goal ).
*Smile and Enjoy the Sunday* 

*Oops , Monday tomorrow,  Now freak out you guys* 

Promise Me

Today is Father’s day. Like stupids I wished you three days ago.
Well I tried writing the emotional things but that turned out more of a comic stuff .
So Here I go – no matter how old I grow and how young you become everyday,
Promise me, you’ll never stop being my partner in crime.
Promise me, we will never stop planning how to kick few guests off the terrace whom we don’t like.
Promise me, we will always have that secret language when we talk about Ammiji.
Promise me, we will never stop going on rides.
Promise me, we will never stop making secret little jokes.
Promise me , you’ll never stop surprising me with alu gundas.
Promise me, you’ll learn how not to tell Ammiji when I try to give surprise visit.
Promise me, you will never stop supporting me when I say I want to push this guy off the cliff.
Promise me, you will never stop enjoying my horrible cooking.
Promise me , you’ll find me a guy whom we all can mock forever.
Promise me, you will love me, always !

Your Lioness,


A Conversation between Me and I

“Let me tell you something.
It’s not going to leave unless you help yourself and let people help you.
Let your friends and family understand your problems and resolve .
I know you don’t want to be like this. I know . But does that help? No.
I know you wake-up in the middle of the night and start crying without knowing why ! I know it’s hard for you to even come out of your room. I know you feel lonely.I know how difficult it is for you to stop yourself from hurting and playing blade-vein game. I know you’re away but still be strong. Okay okay I know you’re tired of being strong, but do you have any other option? You have to fight this and Win. Hurting yourself and sleeping yet not sleeping, thinking what to think, not eating properly, not doing things you like,anymore…THIS is scaring me to death.dont do this. DON’T.”

“But I try to fight, I tried to discuss with people around me who mean alot to me, but what if they leave everything and come to help me, or worse – hear, and ignore and leave me. Iam scared of this. I can’t risk the love of my family and friends . Iam scared of being abandoned or being looked as something pitiful.
Why can’t I be like you? ”

“You’re Me and Am-You. Its just am good at faking things – like am so good and I really laugh with heart and I don’t cry in the middle of the night, I have an awesome life, etc. Even I become or say dissolve myself into you – the real you, who is known only by the darkness of nights and loneliness of the evenings”

I don’t want Love

You know what? I don’t want love.
Yeah sounds crazy, I know.  I am a person who has been running in the search of true love ,whole my life.
I have seen people choosing failure in the name of love.I have seen people playing with feelings in the name of love.I have seen people pushing themselves into darkness in the name of love.
And I have seen people embracing death in the name of love.
I don’t want love , Man . I really don’t.
What’s the use of love, if you don’t become a better person?
What the use of love if you are going to be left alone?
What’s the use of love if you’re crying all the time ?
What’s the use of love if you’re not Happy?
Yes , Happiness. It is the most important thing. You can be in love and not happy. But you can be happy even after not being in love.
So , Choose ‘Happiness’ ! ☺
*ting ting tiding*


You know?

You know what scares the most?

The person whom you call your reflection, will be no more with you !

The person whom you trusted would betray you !

The person whom you longed for, would leave you !

The person with whom you had all the fun, wouldn’t remember you !

The person whom you missed would forget you !


The person whom you loved would hate you !


Not Anymore Yours

It’s not easy to absorb the pain !

It never is .

You said we never met then how can I be so much in love with you. At that moment , I questioned myself, is meeting so important? May be for you, it is.
But for me, the bond we shared, those cute , pure, pious moments we lived were everything I could ask for.

But I realised few more things, which if I would have realised earlier I could have saved myself from this isolated room on the seventh floor of this building which everyone calls as a hospital.
Yes, I could.

I remember how I begged you , in disguise of smiles , requests and fights, to stay .
I remember how I was treated so rudely, at the time when these doctors told me to be calm and asked my family to shower all the love.
Now I realise, how could you be kind and shower love on me? You were not family, right?
Your called me desperate . Literally behaved rude . Told me we are over and that you’re gone , trust me I wish you could look into my eyes when you said so, you wouldn’t believe it was me – the always ‘chirpy-talkitive-making others smile-lively’ girl.

You left me the when I needed you the most .
Yes, the most.
And the worst part is – I have no idea what went wrong between us !

I believe in forgiving . So I forgive you . As many other times I did.
But I will not forget.
I will cherish the good moments .
I wish you find the love and be loved back. That’s the most beautiful thing.

One day, we will meet.
I promise.
And on that day
You’d see
How these eyes
Which once had
Oceans of love for you
Are all dried up !

Once crazily in love with you
Not anymore yours ,

The Date

I want a date different than those conventional dinner at five star restaurants. I want a long walk under the pouring sky. I want to spend evening clicking the sunset and city lights. I want to sleep watching Disney movies in the cozy sofa with lots of pillows and blanket and of course potato chips, cookies and coffee.
Well, Not your idea of date?
It was nice meeting you,
Okay,Bye !



The Soulmate

I often wonder how I’d get to know if I meet my soul mate. I have read many definitions about it which differ from each other. May be some are written out of experience and some out of imagination. After reading and understanding all the texts I have read till now about the same, I understood one thing ,upon which my mind and heart both agreed happily. I learnt that ‘a soul mate is the person who inspires you in every way, and also inspires you to write about ‘The Soulmate’.


~Because I Love Them~