That Lost (Innocent) Love 

I watch Korean romantic – comedy movies . They are sweet. And innocent and beautiful. And I often dream of having such love story. BOOOOM ! My mind laughs at me and says “dude, you’re not a school kid anymore”. And yes , am not a school kid anymore , am not even a kid anymore. Am an 24 YO adult. And at my age people don’t fall in love*, even if they do- its not that innocent, pure and pious !**

Do you remember your school? That first crush ? That first smile which gave you a feeling of butterflies flying in your stomach? Yeah in that moment butterflies warned you – ha-ha your life is gonna be screwed !.

That first glimpse of heartbreak when your crush liked someone else . That first sign of jealousy and failure knocked your door. 

Then you got few more crushes and then one day you fell in love . The exact innocent , pure , pious Love! You went to restrooms in between the classes to see your beloved and waved a ‘hi’ from the the window of their class. You became daring and brave. You made future plans holding their hands, near the last pillar of the school corridor.

That first ‘ I love you ‘ which made you feel top of the world, that your name with his,at the last page if your notebook and a loves/weds in between made you blush !

Wasn’t all this beautiful? 

Then came the farewell and a fear of not seeing each other . Man ! That day .

Then things change , that innocence is lost and expectations come into picture. A dairy milk is no more needed but a box of Rocher Ferrero. Bicycles are replaced by bikes and those lovely moments with made you blush are merely for showoff now !

The love you thought would be for eternity – dies or say is killed ! 

And Then you become ‘This’ person who watches Korean movies on weekends and peeks into past and smiles and cries and writes !




My Super Hero, My First Love !

Have you ever seen someone you love the most ,sleeping? Its so peaceful and beautiful at the same time. Am also looking at him right now. He sleeps like an angry kid, burying his face on the pillow and his arms and feet fighting the bed. He looks so adorable having a sound sleep. I don’t remember I saw him like this before. His busy schedule never allows him to rest. He holds a managerial position in one of the leading PSUs of the country. So he leads a life without ‘relax’, ‘peace’, ‘enjoy’ kind of words. But still he manages to spend a whole day every week managing to put these words with the meanings in his life. Every week he comes home.
But yesterday he was not good still he managed to travel a restless journey of 150 km , to spend a day of love and peace. He had pain in his chest which led to discomfort through out the upper left side of his body and after Magrib, he asked Ammiji to accompany him to casualty. There , doctors attended him,ECG was done, one hour under observation,again ECG and then doctors concluded that its Angina . And he was immediately admitted.
Right now am beside him..Looking at his sleepy, shabby hair, no specs face. People say I look like him and every time This is a compliment for me  🙂  I may look like him, but I can never be like him. He’s the best !
He turned and saw me and with his half opened eyes he asked, “when did you come?” . Though I replied “5 mins ago”.. but I have no idea since how long I was there looking at him. He’s better now and we made jokes on Ammiji and talked about all the irrelevant things hehe! Its so good to laugh on his jokes, my stomach aches and when jokes are to annoy Ammiji.. Ah! Neither can I laugh nor stay quiet . He loves to annoy Ammiji, his second job it is ….And We had fun 😀

So he asked me about my blog, and its so embarrassing to show him 😀 . He wants to read me. So here am putting what I never said directly to him.


Dearest Abbuji,
You are my Super Hero ! And you will always be. I know at some point of life, you will tag me with another stupid but do make sure to make the most annoying jokes on him too 😀 .
And I Miss you. See you tomorrow morning, InshaAllah.
Get well soon. ❤
Kitty Lioness.

PS – I love you ❤


PS1 – Take care of Ammiji (which means NO JOKES oh her, am sure doctors don’t want a battle field) !