Struggle is Real 

​It’s looks perfect. You feel proud of yourself . You think , ” wow I can do it, it’s not rocket science”.

Then you go ahead and apply the same on the second one, and it is a disaster. 

To compensate, you go back to the first one and try to make it look like the second and then ‘that’ becomes a disaster. Again back to second and then so on. 

And then you curse every person who suggested, convinced and even compelled you to do it.
Eyeliner. Struggle is real.

(In frame – Me)



Okay. I made these after watching the same movie in my dream! Yeah..I know its weird but am getting dreams of movies that too romantic ones ! To keep my head off the romanticism..I HAD to made these . Hope you will enjoy 🙂

The ugly guy in specs is worried about his ugly face. Raj is a very optimistic person, he motivates him and thus gives hope that he’ll be Handsome on their return from Europe.


But Nothing changes and Raj chooses humor to handle the situation.


During the whole trip Raj gives tips to Simran about perfect physique and Eyebrows. When they reach London, they say bye to each other at the station and Raj takes a promise.


Raj reaches India. STORY.
Kuljeet introduces him to his would-be-bride and his loving sister-in-law.12parmeet-ddlj2


Raj impresses every lady in the house. And they all start to love him. Ahem.eGxhcWNkMTI=_o_dilwaledulhanialejayenge-dvdrip--desicornernet5

But Preeti, She’s madly in love with him in ‘that’ way and tries everything to win him.mandira-bedi3

She even shows her best moves, in dance (of course).



Finally Bauji thinks a lot after hitting Raj so much. He takes off all the jewelries from Simran and gives to Lajjo ji, to allow her (Simran) to run freely, and win the race.Yes ! Bauji has this deep buried dream of winning Olympics, and now he sees potential in his daughter. She runs and runs. And !


The End.

PS- Don’t kill me for this.

Jokes apart,
DDLJ has something which thrills me every time I watch it .. I simply fall in love ❤ and then I smile like a stupid for next 12 hours ❤