Being Bullied ?

If you were bullied in school, college or even in office. Stand for it. Stand for yourself. Nobody’s going to help you unless you help yourself. 

Share it with your people, your parents . Speak about it. Don’t sit in a corner and cry thinking you’re not good enough or nothing good can happen to you or you’re such a loser or the worst of all that you deserve to be treated like this.
Trust me, nobody deserves such treatment. Nobody. You deserve to be treated with respect, love and care. 
And shall I tell you something which would cheer you up? This bully thing will make you stronger . You’ll work hard on yourself and you’ll reach the stars. And your bullies, they will get what they did. But you, you’ll grow like a tree , strong and rooted and unstoppable. 
And in life, you WILL meet people who would love you for what you’re. 

But for all this beautiful things to happen, you need to start valuing yourself, you need to love yourself first and believe in yourself. 

Good things will happen . InshaAllah
( I know few people who have gone through this and I see them shining so bright )

‘You become what you think’.
Love 😘 .


I want my Man

I am tired 

Really tired

I don’t want to be strong anymore 

Fcuk ‘women don’t need men’

Because we do

And that would be a lie 

If we say we don’t 

We need a companion 

A company 

A shoulder to lean on when at peace

And to cry when upset 

Fcuk everything

I want my Man !

How Does It Feel?

How does it feel like to be looked at by someone out of curiosity?

How does it feel like to have someone’s hand above your head to shield you from sudden rains?

How does it feel like when someone wraps you in towels and serves hot chocolate?

How does it feel like when someone tucks you to bed and puts you to sleep?

How does it feel like when someone kisses you good night on your forehead?

How does it feel like sleeping close to someone and he takes care of your chastity?

How does it feel like when someone thinks you’re beautiful even at your 6am face?

How does it feel like when someone holds your hand while crossing the road?

How does it feel like when someone hugs you tight when you get scared of the thunders?

How does it feel like when someone keeps you close by holding your waist while introducing you to his family at some wedding reception?

How does it feel like when someone doesn’t feel shy to say I love you,in front of the people, over the phone while hanging up?

How does it feel like when someone proposes your parents before proposing you?

How does it feel like when someone kneels down and asks you to marry him, in front of both the families hiding behind the trees?

How does it feel like when someone … Loves you?

How does it feel…?
Do you know?


How does it feel?


After many years
Without thinking
Without asking
Without worrying
She went out

Danced in rains
Jumped into puddles
Cried at her fullest
Called her own name
At the her peak

Forests witnessed her woes,
And Rains … healed her wounds !


Loneliness Amidst Celebration

I have been with people around me since the time I was born. Parents, Siblings, GrandParents , Aunts ,Uncles, Cousins . Be it mourning or an event to celebrate, we all are together.  

Recently , I mean an year ago, me and my sister went to attend her best friend’s wedding. As am interested in photography I took up my camera and went to capture the ceremonies, the cheers, the laughter . Every single place was crowded with relatives and guests.
I went out to get some fresh air. There I clicked this.

Loneliness Amidst Celebration

Loneliness Amidst Celebration

Don’t know why, every single  time I see this, it speaks a different story.

In the midst of celebration,it speaks of the loneliness and somehow relates to the Life.Life We are Living. It shows (to me) the truth of life –
Doesn’t matter how many people you believe you have, somewhere you are alone. And I feel, to enjoy company and celebration to the fullest and value it, one must taste loneliness.
So in someway, Loneliness is not that bad if it teaches you to cherish the things you are surrounded by !