I want my Man

I am tired 

Really tired

I don’t want to be strong anymore 

Fcuk ‘women don’t need men’

Because we do

And that would be a lie 

If we say we don’t 

We need a companion 

A company 

A shoulder to lean on when at peace

And to cry when upset 

Fcuk everything

I want my Man !


That Lost (Innocent) Love 

I watch Korean romantic – comedy movies . They are sweet. And innocent and beautiful. And I often dream of having such love story. BOOOOM ! My mind laughs at me and says “dude, you’re not a school kid anymore”. And yes , am not a school kid anymore , am not even a kid anymore. Am an 24 YO adult. And at my age people don’t fall in love*, even if they do- its not that innocent, pure and pious !**

Do you remember your school? That first crush ? That first smile which gave you a feeling of butterflies flying in your stomach? Yeah in that moment butterflies warned you – ha-ha your life is gonna be screwed !.

That first glimpse of heartbreak when your crush liked someone else . That first sign of jealousy and failure knocked your door. 

Then you got few more crushes and then one day you fell in love . The exact innocent , pure , pious Love! You went to restrooms in between the classes to see your beloved and waved a ‘hi’ from the the window of their class. You became daring and brave. You made future plans holding their hands, near the last pillar of the school corridor.

That first ‘ I love you ‘ which made you feel top of the world, that your name with his,at the last page if your notebook and a loves/weds in between made you blush !

Wasn’t all this beautiful? 

Then came the farewell and a fear of not seeing each other . Man ! That day .

Then things change , that innocence is lost and expectations come into picture. A dairy milk is no more needed but a box of Rocher Ferrero. Bicycles are replaced by bikes and those lovely moments with made you blush are merely for showoff now !

The love you thought would be for eternity – dies or say is killed ! 

And Then you become ‘This’ person who watches Korean movies on weekends and peeks into past and smiles and cries and writes !




Being intimate is not just about being physical.

For me , intimacy is to express my feelings , talk about my stupidest dream, not trying to be strong anymore, to depend on someone, speak about my flaws, confess and share my fears !

And above all, intimacy is to share my soul.

I know people find my theories quite old fashioned…
But this is Me.
This is what I have believed till now  and will continue to do so.


Every time,You and I !

Every time you take my name in the middle of conversation, whole world stops for me. All I see and feel is you, taking my name. I feel I was given this name just to be called by you.
Every time you say you miss me, my heart skips a beat.

Trust me, I never felt so much missed . I feel proud. I feel lucky. I feel like running to you and hug you so tight and be in your arms beyond time. And forget everything but you.

I imagine how it would be to see you for the first time, would I run to you and hug you Or I would just stop . Look . And become dumb.

I imagine would you come to me? And take me in your arms?
Or even you’d stop and look at me from a  distance .


PS-I look forward to the day, when this imagination would come true 😛

May Be

‘There are certain days, hours,seconds… When I miss you so much that it becomes hard to do anything else but to sit and hear your audios ,look at your stupid photograph and cherish the moments we spent in each others arms’

You’re busy I understand but I don’t want to understand. I am very matured , as others say, but you think am the most immature thing ever landed on earth,which I like.

That’s because I don’t use my brains when am with you. And That’s may be because I have trust on you.

I feel uncomfortable that
May be its going too fast
And sometimes,
it’s too much on off.

I don’t know what it is
May be am falling for you
Head on heels… !

That Phone Call

Phone vibrates
She hears him
So late.

He speaks
He shares
He cares

And She …listens
And listens.

He talks
And beneath his words
She searches for his

But she can’t find
The thing she searches the most,always,-

He is drunk
He is tired
But spends an hour
To be with her

His words she wants to believe
His care she needs
But more than anything
The love , that’s what for ,she lives!

After An hour and half
He is half asleep
She has shoo
Away her sleep

He says something
She longed for
‘Baby, I love you’
Makes her heart pour.

Her Ultimate Lover

“…he came in her life
ruined it
taught her a lesson and

If the ‘he’, you are reading this,

I would like to thank you.
For you made her strong.
You made ‘once-soft-as-feather’
into ‘hard-as-stone’ !

I would like to thank you
For ending up all the possibilities of
Her being hurt.
For letting her know that she could
Believe ‘just’ herself.
For killing all the innocence she had
And feelings too.

She is so tough, Now !
But still has wounds you gave her.
Trust me ! I try my best to heal them.
When I do so,
She scratches them again.
She wants to forgive and yet not forget.

Well who am I?
I am her ultimate lover, her companion.
The one who gives her hope that everything will be fine.
I am Time.


I Saw Us

Today, I saw us.

With white sand and blue waters around,
Near a big tree,
Holding hands,
I saw us.

The smiles as bright as Sun,
The warm hugs,
The lovely kisses,
Walking on the beach,
I saw us.

Yeah, We are apart,
The distance between us,
Is quite large.
But I believe,
My dream will come true,
Soon, I’ll be with you.

On that day,
We’ll be together.
In real…Forever !

006 (24)-001

I Saw Us