That Lost (Innocent) Love 

I watch Korean romantic – comedy movies . They are sweet. And innocent and beautiful. And I often dream of having such love story. BOOOOM ! My mind laughs at me and says “dude, you’re not a school kid anymore”. And yes , am not a school kid anymore , am not even a kid anymore. Am an 24 YO adult. And at my age people don’t fall in love*, even if they do- its not that innocent, pure and pious !**

Do you remember your school? That first crush ? That first smile which gave you a feeling of butterflies flying in your stomach? Yeah in that moment butterflies warned you – ha-ha your life is gonna be screwed !.

That first glimpse of heartbreak when your crush liked someone else . That first sign of jealousy and failure knocked your door. 

Then you got few more crushes and then one day you fell in love . The exact innocent , pure , pious Love! You went to restrooms in between the classes to see your beloved and waved a ‘hi’ from the the window of their class. You became daring and brave. You made future plans holding their hands, near the last pillar of the school corridor.

That first ‘ I love you ‘ which made you feel top of the world, that your name with his,at the last page if your notebook and a loves/weds in between made you blush !

Wasn’t all this beautiful? 

Then came the farewell and a fear of not seeing each other . Man ! That day .

Then things change , that innocence is lost and expectations come into picture. A dairy milk is no more needed but a box of Rocher Ferrero. Bicycles are replaced by bikes and those lovely moments with made you blush are merely for showoff now !

The love you thought would be for eternity – dies or say is killed ! 

And Then you become ‘This’ person who watches Korean movies on weekends and peeks into past and smiles and cries and writes !




My Baby Brother

Today we were talking about my brother. He always wants to be ahead of his age. And the first time we realised this when he was 2 !
He bought a comics from a railway station even when he couldn’t read a word or even name the colors!
At 4 he started cycling – riding a bike made for 10_12 year olds ! *we had to keep enough supply of bandaids*
At 5 , he bought a cricket bat – almost twice of his size and he couldn’t even hold it but still he wanted that ! *may be to show-off*
He was around 5 only, I guess that one day he was coming home. And not alone. He was pulling something heavy by a rope … A living creature it was – a pet? Nope. We couldn’t pet that creature .Why? Who the hell keeps a 5ft snake as a pet !
Yes it was a snake … That rope was tied at the centre of his body and that rope was held by my brother !
We also were so scared . but he, obviously, wasn’t !
Luckily it was non venomous and too lethargic or dead ( don’t know , we just took it to the forest ) ! *pheww*
Meeting snakes , hyenas, jackals, wild rabbits, scorpions, owls etc was a daily schedule for all the people living in my township ( surrounded by forests)

He even used to grab lizards by its tail.
Then he started doing boxing – we were asked to present him a boxing kit for his birthday.
Then he started playing badminton. Then football. Not to mention cricket. Then table tennis. Then stunts And what not !
And his high school – he used to play all these for different clubs and his school, and represented them at different levels !
At the same time, so good at academics and so popular among everyone !
Now, He’s 6ft tall and hits gym everyday …why? Because all his tees are lil loose so he needs muscles to make them tight 😁 *stupid reason*

And Yesterday he called me and told – he cleared his first semester of mechanical engineering with very good marks ! We were too scared like really as he hardly studies *Thanks to Allah SWT,  surely Ammiji would have offered 2 raka’t shukrana* :mrgreen:

Though he’s all big – grown-up – mature guy

But for me and my Appi and my Ammiji and my Abbuji
He is still that tiny tot who used to invite trouble and conquer them !

PS – We still put hair clips on his hair and he let’s us do that – even he knows he is and will be a baby for us , forever !

My Father’s Slippers

We lived in a joint family, a conventional one, so all I have memories of me and Abbuji ( My father),all the years before I turned 9 , is getting a ride from him till the end of the street and back to home. He would do this every day while going to office. This was the only time we spent together.

And Then! He got promoted and transferred to another city; we all shifted to the new place. And there, I and my elder sister spent more time with him. We had Breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner together and enjoyed his more involvement in our lives. Sometimes he would wait along with Ammiji (My Mother) at the entrance of our home waiting for our bus. I remember how I used to run from bus stop to home, seeing them.

We loved being closer to him. He became a mentor to my sister and brother and a friend to me. Yeah.
Things were going smooth and good.

And one day, I slipped into his slippers.

His slippers were bigger than my feet but I loved wearing them. I would walk unnecessarily; roam in our garden in the afternoon, wearing them. He bought me new pairs of slippers thinking that I didn’t like mine. But I continued wearing his. This,sometimes,annoyed him and sometimes, made him smile.
But I still continued. Well Why?
I was 10. And my little brain told me that if I want to become like him, I need to follow his steps. And to follow his steps,I thought what could be better than his own Slippers.
You know What? That Worked. 🙂

I still wear his slippers though they are not that bigger like earlier. He bought exact pairs like his,for me, few days back but I (hehe) am still wearing his slippers now.

Old habits die hard 😉

PS- Am planning to wear Ammiji’s slipper from now on 😛 (balancing the traits)


PS1- For my last post about him, he yesterday asked me to buy a new phone…soon.

(For this one am looking forward to a new cam.. LOL 😛 )