Q & A No. 2 

“I want become an entrepreneur. What should be my first step?”

My Answer –

Hi. Congratulations on figuring out what you want to become !

First step is to ask yourself – “Is it something I really want ? ” Because it takes a lot to become an entrepreneur. Lot of sacrifices and criticism with least support even from your loved ones.

Once you’re sure that you REALLY want to be an entrepreneur, think in what fields you’re good at. 

Next would be finding a problem people face, which you can solve. Or finding a need / product / service which people didn’t even know they needed !

This would be your concept or the idea . 

Hope this helps.

All the best , Karthik !

( I am pursuing a course . In that, there is a discussion forum where people can ask and readers can answer. But there is no option for me to save what am answering to see again what I answered . I have to scan the entire discussion panel to find the question I answered and then edit or delete it. And here, on WordPress am posting them, to save them for reading whenever I want and for you too 😇 )