My Answer 

This person is facing issues from his family regarding his entrepreneural pursuit. And he’s unable to  a handle it anymore. Following  is my answer to him –

Please in your mind before I proceed –

1. Parents ARE supportive.

2. They love you .

Now regarding your issue – They are are not supporting you in this because they are scared what if it goes wrong and you fail and have nothing in hand. 

They want to support you but because of this fear they are not Able to. 

And hence Indian parents are so happy with 9-5 job. Because this gives their child the security , financial security, this saves their child from the stress.

My suggestion on what you can do to make your situation better – 

Have an evening tea with them , of course serve soemthing snacks. Talk about good times and memories. Make their mood good.

And then, calmly, tell them what you doing, what is your idea, how far have you worked , Tell about how people are receiving it, tell how others have responded to your work and then it’s future. And at last , tell them how passionate you’re about it .Tell them that you may fail, may be, but you’re making sure you won’t but still if you fail, atleast you won’t have regret for the rest of your life. 

Let’s face it, our parents are not updated with the changes in the world. And it’s obvious to be scared of something unknown . 

Talk to them. Family support , no matter what others say,is really important. 

Hope this helps ! 

All the best.



​New year is not big a deal ! But you can make a change all of a sudden and people won’t care. They won’t pinch you saying “sudden change, huh?”

2016 was definitely a very memorable year , so many good things happened and lot more bad things. But let’s focus on the good ones . Because bad ones are now lessons and lessons are good , right ?

I wanted to end it on a happy note , wanted to end 2016 on a good terms so that if our paths cross ever, we’d smile !
So First thing – End everything on a good note. Be it work, relationship,anything ! It saves lot of time which we normally waste sitting and looking outside the window thinking ” Ah !”
Secondly – Give time to family ! Trust me , people (except few) will leave ( that’s their nature , and also the nature’s way to tell – Grow up ! ) But Family – no matter what you do, no matter if you’re pretty or not , no matter how many times you fail – They will always stand by your side ! They are your home !
Thirdly – Do what you always wanted to do . Take the courage to make a choice. Be strong enough to follow your dreams . 
Fourthly – Choose good company. Be with people who actually make you feel comfortable, who motivate you , correct you when you’re wrong and love you ,no matter what. 
Fifthly-Don’t Fall in Love. Not because I have bitter feelings for this but because falling is good only in bungee jumping or skydiving else Rising in things makes sense ! So , Rise in Love. 
Sixthly – Learn to let things go. 

This is for all my friends who are in love with wrong people and find it difficult to let them go. Trust me their staying will ruin you even more and for longer. Today is the best day to breakup and have a new start , I know it’s harsh but no harm in being selfish for some time.

So better let them go, yes you’ll be devastated but soon you’ll bloom . C’mon , you have got me !
Seventhly – Never talk to me about 2014-2016. 
Let’s be a better version of ourselves.

And remember this , you guys , I love you !

To Mom

Dearest Mom,

I know you are wondering why am writing to you when I can simply call. Well it’s because there are things I can’t speak on call or face to face. I can’t let you see me like this.

Do you remember you told me that am beautiful and intelligent and also that it’s a rare combination. You also said that the man of my life would be the luckiest to have me?

Do you remember , one day, we were up till dawn talking and I told you that how people come and leave. I told you that am scared. I have trust issues and I believe love is not for me. You kissed my forehead , pulled me closer and asked why do I think like that? I told you that everyone can’t be lucky in all the things. If Almighty gives us everything, we will Not learn how to be grateful and would become arrogant. And here I have everything one dreams of . The only thing I don’t have its that one special love. So I guess it’s cool.

You held my hand and asked me to listen to you carefully. You told me that you get what you wish. You become what you think you’re. You asked me to be positive and think you’re lovable, because I am. You told me not to give up on love and not to be hopeless.

I cried that night. I thanked Almighty that what the hell did I do that you have me such an incredible mom.

Following your words, I locked up the negativity and hopelessness as I opened the door for love,again. It came. Made me happy. Somehow gave me dreams and hopes. And one morning, all of a sudden,it bid bye. It said it’s unsure about me. 

Mom, it’s hard. It really is. I am fine being not loved. Because I have you, dad, sis and bro. I have my best friends. But Mom, this feeling of loved a lot and all of a sudden unloved – this breaks me. It breaks me so hard that am now a pro faking that am fine.  I feel like somebody took me to the highest peak , we appreciated nature and it’s beauty and I was pushed from the edge. I feel exactly like that.

Mom, why can’t people think about others ? Why can’t they not say things they don’t mean? And mom , why do I believe every word? 

I know am stronger, really stronger. I know I will get over it, sooner or later. I will learn more not to believe every word people say. I will learn again not to become blind when people would talk soft.

But mom, I miss the old me. The innocent me. The one who was oblivious of the bads in the world, the one who knew love is pure and beautiful. The one who wanted to be like you – giving, kind, loving , honest and trustworthy.

I may change for the good, mom. I may not believe in love . But you still give me hope and I don’t want to give up on that.

I love you the most.

See you.

To The Teachers 

​To those who taught us to be kind and patient (our kindergarten angels).

To those who treated us same, not as a girl or a boy (our primary school).

To those who taught nature has changes saved in her closet for us (our middle school).

To those who taught , life changes with time and is impartial and tough (our high school).

To those competitive exams that taught – three hours can’t but Will evaluate your intelligence.

To those neighbors who taught – Don’t poke your noses, it’s irritating.

To those professors who taught – Don’t judge a book with its cover (it might be good inside, foul outside and vice versa ).

To those classmates who taught – first impression is not the last and strangers could become friends.

To those HRs who taught – good going things can ‘not – always’ have a good result (interviews).

To those colleagues who taught – liking someone is a matter of Choice and necessity (few times).

To those auto drivers who taught – saying ‘No’ is your Right and one must use it. And To accept ‘No’ as an answer.

To those Ola Share and Uber Pool that taught – to be on time – leave for the destination, ages ago and Yes, also taught cooperation and adjustment, of course.

To Life, To heartbreaks , To those shitty people, To those false acclamations of feelings, To those quietly screaming nights, To depression and To FAILURE.

To Friends, who taught – Insanity is good for health.

To Siblings, who taught – You are never alone in anything.

To Parents, who taught – No matter what you do, where you go, You always have a home to come back, arms to embrace you at your weakest and smiles to cheer you up at your worst. There is a world, where selfishness is not even in the dictionary, where your happiness is the only objective and Love is showered throughout, without hidden intentions. A Place exists in this universe where you can be ‘You’.

Happy Teachers’ Day !


I know kinda late … But it’s okay. Right?

What’s the Real Kashmir ?

​I wonder what makes Kashmiris and Kashmir different from rest of the nation?

Why it’s beautiful, serene yet not peaceful ?

Why being Indian, they don’t like Army?

And still few people join Army?

Why the stories that reach us are one sided ?

If it’s true ,what media shows, then why did this ever happen? 

Because nation forgot them when they needed us? Or were they given extra importance when it was not all required? 
Why can’t Jammu and Kashmir be a normal state – Normal people, Living in peace?

Or may be they are , it’s just that we don’t know !
Everyday there is something about Kashmir , be it politics , army, people, girls or natural disasters. 

We see what is portrayed . We read what is served to us and we believe what is shown . And all that is only one side of the story, I believe.
I have friends from different states, have met them (few more to go) , talked to them but I never had any friend from Kashmir. I want to know what media doesn’t show. And that’s possible only when a Kashmiri, unbiased, neutral – tells ! 

And then someday, inshaAllah, will visit there. Not just Leh – Ladakh but the real J & K 🙂

To Army Wives

​How do you manage –

Those fearful nights?

Those rare phonecalls?

Those insecurities your mind create?

Those trips you plan but never go?

Those long walks you take alone?

Those romantic movies you watch by yourself?

Those birthdays , anniversaries celebrations without them?


Those hardest goodbyes…? 😥

How do you manage?

Big salute to all the women who have their loved ones in Army. 

Dear Girls,You are beautifully strong !”




So Today, my mother and one aunty from our neighborhood were talking at the door of our house.

They the aunty was invited inside.
And then again talking about her kid who is of my brother’s age and etc etc …
We were cherishing the memories when my brother and her son used to wear half pants and run across the street.
My mother and she talked , ate snacks together in the same drawing room amidst laughter and smiles.

My mother is a Muslim and the Aunty is a Hindu.

This might sound ‘what-the-hell‘ to few people , especially who think they are the best follower of Islam.
And few people who know, actually know, what Islam is, wouldn’t be surprised reading this 🙂

Be kind to your neighbors !