राजीव  चौक के  एक तरफ अमीरो के लिये CP है तो दूसरी तरफ पलिका बाज़ार | हम तो पलिका बाज़ार  मटेरीएल है | बस रोज़ की तरह , ग्रॉउन्ड फलोर् मे , सीडियों के पास वाली दुकान  के बाहर थे | बेमन से खड़े थे , काम  मे मन नहीं देखा जाता , की हमे वो दिखी और ऐसे दिखी की पहली बार किसी को देखकर  हमारे होश उड़ गये |
बड़ी मुश्किल से उसका ध्यान अपनी ओर खींचा ,मत पूछीये कैसे । बस आँखें मिली और मन भी। फिर क्या, हमें कार में अपने घर ले गई । बहुत बड़ा घर था, पर हमारी नज़रे बस उस पर टिकी थी, दिल के हाथों मजबूर थे । कितने प्यार से थामे रखा था उसने । फिर उसकी मम्मी से उसने मिलवाया, उनकी फेक वाली स्माईल देख कर हर वो बॉलीवुड मूवी याद आ गई जिसमें फाईनैनशियल डिफरेंसेस की वजह से हीरो-हिरोईन साथ नहीं हो पाते ।
खैर, मैं अौर मीरा रोज़ मिलते थे। वीकेंड्स पर तो , क्या कहे , बस मंडे के अलावा हमें कोई अलग नहीं कर सकता था । फिर हमारे साथ होने के छः महिने बाद उसे ईन्टर्नशिप के लिए मु़ंबई जाना पड़ा, पहली बार हम एक महिने के लिए अलग हो रहे थे ।

अभी उसे गए हुए एक हफ्ता हुआ था, हम उसके रूम में उसकी और हमारी साथ वाली फोटोज़ देख कर सोंच रहे थे की मीरा हमारे साथ कितना खुश रहती हैं और हम उसके साथ।

तभी कमरे का दरवजा़ खुला, मम्मी अंदर आई और हमें खींचते हुए डाईनींग रूम में ले आईं । और इस से पहले कि हम कुछ समझ पाते, वो किचन से कैंची ले आईं और फिर वो हुआ जिस से हम पहले दिन से डर रहे थे ।
” मीरा, हमें माफ़ कर देना। हमनें तुम्हारा साथ कभी न छोड़ने का वादा किया था, जो हम निभा न सके। हम फिर मिलेंगे , एक ऐसी दुनिया में जहां फाईनैनशियल और स्टैटस डिफरेंसेस न होंगे ,होगा तो बस प्यार, तुम और मैं। ”

तुम्हारा पैजामा और
(अब) तुम्हारी मम्मी का पोंछा


Promise Me

Today is Father’s day. Like stupids I wished you three days ago.
Well I tried writing the emotional things but that turned out more of a comic stuff .
So Here I go – no matter how old I grow and how young you become everyday,
Promise me, you’ll never stop being my partner in crime.
Promise me, we will never stop planning how to kick few guests off the terrace whom we don’t like.
Promise me, we will always have that secret language when we talk about Ammiji.
Promise me, we will never stop going on rides.
Promise me, we will never stop making secret little jokes.
Promise me , you’ll never stop surprising me with alu gundas.
Promise me, you’ll learn how not to tell Ammiji when I try to give surprise visit.
Promise me, you will never stop supporting me when I say I want to push this guy off the cliff.
Promise me, you will never stop enjoying my horrible cooking.
Promise me , you’ll find me a guy whom we all can mock forever.
Promise me, you will love me, always !

Your Lioness,


Jamaal Nani – Epitome of Love, Strength and Positivity

So today I couldn’t start my day with my Ammiji’s voice . And then got so busy at office that couldn’t call her . Around 8 , I called when I was waiting for the cab. As always she was so energetic, we talked about everything then I told her that after taking the cab, I’ll call her again .

10-15 mins later
I called.
She answered with full energy and told Jamaal Nani has come . I asked how’s she and say my salaam and ask if she misses me or not?
My Ammiji was asking and then Nani took the phone and asked how am I ? I didn’t ask her about her health . Just asked how she’s doing and does she miss me? To which she said for that she needs to forget me first 🙂
She asked “are you happy?because that the most important thing .” And then after giving blessings gave the phone to Ammiji.

Jamaal Nani is our neighbour . She lives three houses away from us. She’s very old, I don’t know her exact age but she had all white hair and she can’t walk with her back straight, she’s bit bent.
But if you want to see epitome of wife’s love – she’s the example. Being so old, she’s takes care of her much older husband , the same way she used to take care when they were young .
Everyone in our street tease her sometimes because of this and she blushes 🙂

And if you noticed , I wrote she ‘had’ white hair, because now she has none. She has Cancer. And she’s fighting it . And you’ll never see her sad or cursing that why she got this. I have always seen her praying, and being there for people in the times of sadness and happiness.

She used to come to our house every day and I used to tease her , and sometimes would talk as if am old like her and sometimes would talk as she’s young as me .

It feels so good to know such Great personalities. May Allah SWT make it easier for her 🙂

A Conversation between Me and I

“Let me tell you something.
It’s not going to leave unless you help yourself and let people help you.
Let your friends and family understand your problems and resolve .
I know you don’t want to be like this. I know . But does that help? No.
I know you wake-up in the middle of the night and start crying without knowing why ! I know it’s hard for you to even come out of your room. I know you feel lonely.I know how difficult it is for you to stop yourself from hurting and playing blade-vein game. I know you’re away but still be strong. Okay okay I know you’re tired of being strong, but do you have any other option? You have to fight this and Win. Hurting yourself and sleeping yet not sleeping, thinking what to think, not eating properly, not doing things you like,anymore…THIS is scaring me to death.dont do this. DON’T.”

“But I try to fight, I tried to discuss with people around me who mean alot to me, but what if they leave everything and come to help me, or worse – hear, and ignore and leave me. Iam scared of this. I can’t risk the love of my family and friends . Iam scared of being abandoned or being looked as something pitiful.
Why can’t I be like you? ”

“You’re Me and Am-You. Its just am good at faking things – like am so good and I really laugh with heart and I don’t cry in the middle of the night, I have an awesome life, etc. Even I become or say dissolve myself into you – the real you, who is known only by the darkness of nights and loneliness of the evenings”